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Syed Rasool

Teacher & Admin of Study Manzil

Friends! Whenever it comes to Urdu medium’s learning content, we regret that there are not many learning resources on the internet for Urdu medium students and teachers, which is according to our syllabus. we have excellent teachers in Urdu schools, who are actively involved in the teaching process and creating good educational content, but it’s limited to their working schools only. My aim is to unite their creative work and provide an online platform to share their learning resources. so that, more and more teachers and students can easily access the educational content in the Urdu language. That’s why I have created this website ” www.studymanzil.com ” .
” Study Manzil ” will provide:
  • Teaching resources: like Lesson plans, Annual plans, CCE Records, Bridge course records, etc..
  • Animated Science and Maths lessons for Urdu schools.
  • Educational Apps and Games
                 Please unite with us in our work, Insha ALLAH we will create a unique identity of our Urdu Schools. Send your valuable suggestions, comments, and educational work to us, we will publish them on our website. Our email id is: [email protected]
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