10th std Third Language English E-Samveda Video Lessons

SSLC English Samveda video lessons – دہم جماعت انگریزی کے ویڈیو اسباق


Lesson 1 : Chanakya and Rakshasa

Lesson 2 : At the Zoo (10th Std Third Language English)

Lesson 3 : Kashmir, The Garden of India (SSLC English)

10th std English Samveda video lessons

Lesson 4: The Two Great Musicians

Lesson 5: Life in Banjarumale

Lesson 6: Simpleton!

Lesson 7: Sohrab and Rustum

Lesson 8: A Scene From Shakuntala


Faithful Friends

The Tiger and the Deer

Autumn Song

The Noble Nature

Plant Tree

Prayer for Dumb Creatures

A Nurse’s Song

It Never Comes Again


2A Heroes for Today,- The Bicycle Thief

2B. Honest Driver

2C. The Peon Novelist

GRAMMAR : Letter Writing EPISODE -1

Class 4th to 10th standard all E-Samveda Lessons

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