8th std Third Language English E-Samveda Video Lessons

8th English Samveda video lessons – آٹھویں جماعت انگریزی کے ویڈیو اسباق


Lesson 1 : Tenali Rama

Lesson 2 : Sandalwood Trees (8th Std Third Language English)

Lesson 3 : Guru Nanak (8th Std English)

8th std English Samveda video lessons

Lesson 4: Shravana Kumara

Lesson 5: A Survivor’s Story

Lesson 6: Beauty and the Beast

Lesson 7: The Wonderful World of Plants

Lesson 8: The Monkeys and the Fruit Trees


Rain in Summer- H.W.Longfellow

A Child’s Evening Prayer- S.T.Coleridge

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf – Aesop

If Mice Could Roar – Ruskin Bond

Jimmy Jet and his T V Set- Shel Silverstein

Indian Weavers – Sarojini Naidu

Authorship – Rabindranath Tagore

Silver – Walter De la Mare


Savitribai Phule

Class 4th to 10th standard all E-Samveda Lessons

8th Std Third Language English Notes

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