Urdu Bridge course 2023-24

پُل بندھ کاروائی کی صلاحیتیں اور نمونتاً سوالیاتی پرچے برائے تعلیمی سال 24-2023

Urdu Bridge Course Competencies, Pre and Post Test Papers

Subject -مضمونPrepared ByDownload Link
2nd Std UrduMuhatarma Zamarruda A Shaik (Belagavi)Download
2nd Std MathsMuhatarma Kaneez Fathima (Raichur)Download
2nd Std E.V.SMuhatarma Kaneez Fathima (Raichur)Download
3rd Std UrduMuhatarma Mahejabeen Halwai (Navalgund)Download
3rd Std MathsHasan District Teachers TeamDownload
3rd Std E.V.SMuhatarm Jamal Saheb Shaik ( Raichur )Download
4th Std UrduMuhatarma Mahejabeen Halwai (Navalgund)Download
4th Std MathsHasan District Teachers TeamDownload
4th Std E.V.SMuhatarma Sama Naaz ( Hasan )Download
5th Std UrduMuhatarma Shagufta Kittur ( Belagavi)Download
5th Std MathsSyed Rasool Download
5th Std EVSMuhatarma Shagufta Kittur ( Belagavi)Download
6th Std UrduMuhatarma Kousar Jamal (Mysore)Download
6th Std English (Third Language)Muhatarma Farida Begum.K.Makandar (Vijaypur)Download
6th Std MathsMuhatarm Abdul Khadeer Baig ( Sirsi )Download
6th Std ScienceMuhatarma Gulnaaz Fatehpur (Belagavi)Download
6th Std Social ScienceHasan District Teachers TeamDownload
7th Std UrduMuhatarma Saba Afreen (Gulburga)Download
7th Urdu PreTest onlyYaseen BhikbaDownload
7th Std English (Third Language)Muhatarma Farida Begum.K.Makandar (Vijaypur)Download
7th Std MathsMuhatarm Syed Rasool (Sirsi)Download
7th Std ScienceMuhatarm Zaki Qazi (Chikodi)Download
7th Std Social ScienceMuhatarma Saba Afreen (Gulburga)Download
Urdu Medium Bridge Course Question Papers 2023-24

Bridge Course Analysis Format

ان سوالیاتی پرچوں کی تیاری میں شامل تمام صاحبِ وسائل کا اسٹڈی منزل کی جانب سے تہہ دل سے شکریہ ادا کرتے ہیں۔اللہ انہیں جزائے خیر عطا کرے۔


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  1. Nisar Ahmed Baig

    You people set a good platform for the Teachers.
    All in one .we all get needful information here I hope in future you people serve the teachers in the same way.

  2. Mohmed Ibrahim khawas

    Thank you very much and congratulate for such a wonderful work … It help us to understand easily….please update the third language English bridge course materials….
    Thank u once again

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